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Articles & Chapters

“Sonorous Geography: Mapping Background Noise in Music While We Work,” Journal of Chinese Cinemas (forthcoming).

“Phonographing Borders: Writing Acoustic Territories in Sinophone Sound Art,” ASAP/Journal, vol. 7, no.1 (2022): 19–42. [link]

“Bordering Domesticity: Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong’s Contemporary Art,” Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, vol. 8, no. 1 (2021): 33-48. [link]

“Kawa: Rediscovering Indigeneity in China via Reggae,” Sounding Out!: The Sound Studies Blog, August 19, 2019. [link]


“The Techne of Listening: Towards a Theory of ‘Chinese’ Sound,” Sinoglossia, eds. Andrea Bachner, Howard Chiang, and Yu-Lin Lee (Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong Press, 2024): 128-144. [link]

“This is a Trial, Not a Performance: Tracing Inter-Asian Connections through ‘The Elders’ Drinking Song.’” Inter-Asia Intermediality, eds. Brian Bernards and Elmo Gonzaga (Durham, NC: Duke University Press): forthcoming.

Book Review

Review of The Stone and the Wireless: Mediating China, 1861–1906 by Shaoling Ma (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2021), Comparative Literature Studies, vol. 61, no. 1 (2024).

Book Manuscript

The Noise Decade: Acoustic Entanglement across the Taiwan Strait

Thermal Governance: Replicating Southern Colonies in Tropical East Asia

Article Manuscript

“Tongues of Blazing Fire: The Hermeneutics of Glossolalia”

“The Transit of Oceanic Empires: Appropriating Black Ghosts for Maritime Taiwan”

“Affective Computing, Mindless Writing: The Double Empathy Problem for Intelligent Agents”

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